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Princess Cake Recipe

Swedish Princess Cake, Picture source: www.ivillage.com

I have been on a long, self-imposed break from the blogging world, but I felt it was necessary to pop-up for a moment to post a recipe for Princess Cake. I made it over 5 years ago from a recipe on iVillage.com (originally from the book Birthday Cakes: Recipes and Memories from Celebrated Bakers), but since then the site has taken it offline. Several times a year I get asked if I still have a copy of it. I have moved three times since then, and finally dug through my papers and found a version I printed from iVillage.com back in 2005.

Due to popular request, here it is, transcribed from my printed version. I typed it word for word, so forgive any typos. If you want the true original version, you’ll have to get the book! You can also see my attempt at making this recipe in 2005 on the original Princess Cake post .

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Dessert Spot

Pichet Ong’s latest venture, Dessert Spot, opened last Wednesday on St. Marks in the East Village. I had a chance to stop in yesterday, and luckily I was hungry.

I should start by saying that I was not a big fan of his last place, Batch. The concept was great, but I felt the desserts were more sugary than flavorful. Sorry Pichet, but now that you have Dessert Spot I can say this because I am a fan of the new recipes. It seems that Pichet took a few months off, spent some time in Sydney, and somewhere along the way got inspiration for some really flavorful and delicious desserts.
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Motivational Dessert – Bikini Giveaway!

I am getting married in T-minus 33 days, which means in 34 days I will be laying a beach, relaxing on my honeymoon. I have been thinking a lot about 1) which bathing suit I should bring along, and 2) what my body will look like in it! I have been trying to watch my sweets, and I found a perfect way to stay motivated while still thinking all about sugar – KanDi Swim.

KanDi Swim is a line of swimwear and resortwear that is inspired by dessert.

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My new favorite breakfast is the cinnamon raisin bread from Orwasher’s. I first passed this Upper East Side bakery on my way to a gym class, and even though I was trying to be good, I walked out with a loaf of bread. Little did I know how lucky I was to get it! Every time I return to the bakery, the cinnamon bread is often sold out. It’s one of their most popular creations. It is seriously fresh and delicious. The morning is your best chance to snag one. The loaf is large, but it holds up well for a few days and there is plenty to share (potentially making you many new friends!) The staff is also really nice, and they take their bread seriously. A great find.

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Real Life Candyland

On Wednesday, August 20th, Lombard Street in San Francisco, CA will be turned into Candyland!

AP Photo/Hasbro Inc., Darryl Bush

According to the organizers, “the street will be closed to traffic as children from the University of California, San Francisco Children’s Hospital participate in the game as colored game pieces and interact with life-sized game characters.” At the end they will be rewarded with a big party, including plenty of cake (and hopefully candy!)

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Too much refined sugar?

As a bakery owner, it was rare to actually leave the store to have a proper meal. I often found myself eating muffins for lunch, or scrounging the last of the oatmeal for a somewhat healthier option. Vegetables and protein weren’t available much, but my body was used to a carb and sugar-heavy diet, so I didn’t mind – at least at first. It is easy to get sick of your own products, but when you want to make sure the quality is up to your standards, and you are trying to develop new recipes, you can’t help but eat more than you should.

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I read an article today in the New York Times called “The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship”, which highlights the trouble that an owner faces when closing a business. I thought the final quote was particularly insightful: “It comes down to deciding what horrifies you more: the possibility of waking up one day and realizing you never took a shot at your dream or the possibility of losing your house.”

If you’re considering becoming an entrepreneur, read this article on NYTimes.com.


Bake it Pretty

I usually prefer to bake naked cupcakes (no paper liner), but sometimes I want a little decoration. For my wedding in September I have been looking for something special, but the selection of cupcake liners in stores is quite disappointing. I finally found some really cute papers in mini and full-size versions on the Bake It Pretty shop on Etsy. It’s a great shop for unique cake supplies, and you can buy in small quantities. In addition to cupcake liners, they also have cake toppers, packaging and more. Here are a few more of my favorites:

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Burger & Fries (Not)

This burger and fry combo on Bakerella goes against all of my anti-food coloring, dessert-in-moderation views, but it was such a great step-by-step breakdown of a creative idea, I had to share it with you. This is certainly a good alternative for vegetarian dads! Very cute.

Happy Father’s Day.

Recipes and instructions for Fast Food Fun on Bakerella


People are Good

Amai Staff

Amai’s last day was one of the saddest, but best, days of my life. The customers that stopped by to show their support, and all of my old employees and friends who came back to celebrate, made it more special than I could have ever imagined.

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